Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blog for book club

So here is the space for a reading group!
Since many of us are seperated by hundreds of miles, an online book club seems like a good way to stay connected and engaged with one another beyond the occasional phone call or email.  There is no doubt that in our time together we have created strong community, and It bothers the hell out of me to think of those relationships fading away.  A book club is a simple way that I feel can help keep us together.
So a few of us have been talking about this to one another, so now lets figure it out.  I feel like (at least to start) just using the blog/email to go about doing this.  Thoughts? Other ideas?
We could also make a list on here of readings that folks would like to discuss that we can all add to. 
Should we do a reading weekly? bi-weekly?
Do we want to do articles?  Longer readings?
Lets make this happen.


  1. i think that sounds great. i would like to hear what other folks' thoughts are before weighing in too much, and before figuring out whether or not i can in fact commit to participating as completely as possible. but, i do think that weekly readings would be too much for me, and would prefer bi-weekly. i would like to wait until others have shared their thoughts before discussing reading possibilities. thanks for setting this up!

  2. Bi-weekly would work better for me as well.
    I have a reading suggestion as well.
    'Aquaculture' from the book "Common Ground In a Liquid City: Essays in Defense of an Urban Future" by Matt Hern
    Its about how towns are affected by bodies of water and other natural beauties, and how this affects places located near them, specifically how it creates an underappreciation for these things by making "views" into commodites through condominiums, selling of public shoreline/coast to private contractors, etc.

  3. is it available electronically? or do you have a copy of the chapter that could be scanned?

  4. A group called Unsettling Minnesota has released a sourcebook entitled "Unsettling Ourselves", & I haven't finished it all yet, but everything so far has been really excellent.

    The sourcebook is available here , you can download it as a PDF or donate $5 & they'll mail you a copy. It's more than worth it.

    I'd be excited about reading & discussing any part of this, but my recommendations would be:

    "Their manners are decorous and Praiseworthy"
    by Dee Brown

    "What is white supremacy?"
    by Elizabeth Martinez

    "Unsettling Settler desires"
    by Scott Morgenson

    Take care!