Monday, May 16, 2011

The unapologetic case for gay marriage

Angie's pick, enjoy.

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  1. Since this article has been posted up i have been all over the place, physically and emotionally, so I have not yet got the chance to post a comment. I hope that this is something like the case for the rest of you? Anyway I'm at a library computer right now and I don't feel like re-reading the article, but luckily i jotted down some thoughts with pen and paper way back when...

    ....actually I just realized i jotted it down on a printed copy of the article itself, which i don't have.

    well...i really liked the article, I found myself in general supportive of the main argument. it was very convincing, and i am def. someone who at one point needed some convincing on this particular issue. I think it is an argument that can be tested somewhat...does a successful fight for gay marriage lead to even more space for queer liberation?